Stephen’s Gawking

What does Stephen Hawking do in Amsterdam? Black holes.

That little joystick always leads him down the same alleyways…


Tube Pervert

Are you always trying to see a bit more tit or a little sliver of thigh on you way to and from work?

Do you quiver with desire when those semi-clad pretty young things on their way to a hard day of painting their nails and texting their friends from their desks hop aboard the tube?

Are you stumped at ways in which you can get a bit of eye-candy without being ousted as a tube pervert?

You need to buy the award winning self-help book 'Tube Pervert' now!

Tube Pervert will help you catch a glance when other pervs are limited to having a lonely touch through their pockets. It will tell you what are the best vantage points, the most secretive stances and the cleverest distractions to make sure that, however many stops you are on for, you get a right eyeful.

Praise for Tube Pervert:

"Before Tube Pervert, I was limited to getting my jollies by bringing on a copy of Nuts or Zoo, but now I can get a real glimpse of some twenty-something arse all the way from Piccadilly to Cockfosters!"

Mr A, Barnet

"Last week I got to gawp at a young ladies' red thong right through rush hour! She knew nothing!"

T, Lambeth

"You would be amazed at how many old ladies wear stockings! I know, because I read Tube Pervert!"

Barry S, Wembley

"Ah used to get chased by gangs ah Dads, but not anymore - Thank you, Tube Perverts"

Gary, Ealing

"Rush hour is the closest I've come to having full vaginal intercourse"

Bernard T, Wycombe


We're taking this cow & no one can stop us!

Blob's here!

Here are some pictures I'm doing for a children's placemat at work for some kids to eat stuff off.


Dusty Night Terror

“Who are you Sir?”
“My name is Mr Cherrick,
From Ryman, Hucklwitz & D’Troth,
We represent the interests of a Giant Moth”


“Shh you, why all that din?”
“I said two, but you put all your fingers in”

Caption Competition

Submit your best captions for the chance to win a delicious prize, a hand drawn picture of you & any celebrity of your choice in an erotically charged situation.